Broadening Recognition Initiatives
Developing Gender Equity in Sciences


Building Open STEM Ecosystems

BRIDGES aims at designing, implementing and evaluating Open STEM Ecosystems based on innovative approaches to recognition and accreditation to improve gender equity in the access to STEM education and careers BRIDGES will:

  1. Create the conditions for the increased participation of girls and women in STEM education and careers
  2. Bridge informal and formal STEM education and practices for future and actual female scientists


Multiplier event Amsterdam- June 9 2022

From awareness to action! Girls and women are – still – underrepresented in science (education) and STEM careers. Why and how is this still a problem in many countries? At this event we share insights

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BRIDGES Challenge

Context/background An analysis of computer science shows a steady decrease in female graduates since 2000 that is particularly marked in high-income countries. While numerous reasons have been advanced to explain gender imbalance in STEM education

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Project coordinator

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