About the WISE cMOOC

What is a cMOOC?

“c” stands for “collaborative” while MOOC stands for “Massive Open Online Course”, so a cMOOC is an environment where participants co-construct and share the knowledge produced during learning. 

What does WISE mean?

Women In Stem Empowered

Why a cMOOC on Gender Equality?

If we seriously want to address Gender (in)Equality, we need to go beyond raising awareness to define the instruments, practices and policies conducive to gender equality, also the WISE cMOOC is oriented towards action, learning to apply in the real world.

What can you do in the cMOOC?

Depending on your commitment to Gender Equality in STEM you can:
  • Learn about the problems and solutions to Gender (in)Equality in STEM education.
  • Explore solutions to improve Gender Equality in STEM education.
  • Change your practices and/organisation policies Develop instruments, support people involved in improving Gender Equality in STEM education.
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