WISE Practitioner!

What is a WISE* Practitioner?

A WISE Practitioner is a person who would like to integrate Gender Equality in their professional / social practice and/or within their organisation.

*Women In Stem Empowered.

What can I do?

You can join the WISE cMOOC (social.wisebadges.eu) where the space “Integrate” provides a range of resources to explore how to make Gender Equality an integral part of your practice and/or organisation.

You will then be invited to claim or create open badges to share your experiments or projects.

Additional resources are also provided at the end of the course to deepen your knowledge.

Note that this MOOC is participatory, which means that you are free to propose your own resources, activity ideas or Open Badges to the community

Join the WISE cMOOC

What are the badges I can claim?

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